Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Invite Your Facebook Friends to Google Plus

google plus friend invite
Get all the E-Mail address (you want to invite on Google+) in your Gmail contacts. Now when you have all the E-Mails in your Gmail contacts list you are ready to take off.

Login in to Google plus
Go to circles
Click on Find and Invite
Click on More Actions drop down and choose Select All
Now when all are selected, drag and drop them into new circle

google plus friend invite
Now when all your contacts are in a circle (you might want to name this circle say My Group) you are ready to please you friends with the Google invite. All you have to do now is:
google plus friend invite

Go on your home page in Google+
In the stream box, which is written as Share what’s new ... set your status
When you write something in there it gives an option of sharing it with the circles you have
It also says that EMail people not using Google+, tick yes there
Now when you click share, the people who are not on Google+ will be notified about it by E-Mail and from that email they can join Google+.

Enjoy. If you need an invitation for Google Plus ... leave your email address in the comment!

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