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Five Tips for Riding a Motorcycle with a Passenger

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Not every motorcycle rider is experienced with carrying passengers. Many people become excited at the idea of taking a spin on a motorcycle, and riders may become very familiar with people asking to ride with them. If you’re not well-versed with passenger carrying, you may start to feel a bit apprehensive about taking on the responsibility that comes with riding tandem. If you’re not experienced at carrying passengers on your bike it’s natural to get nervous or worried, but these helpful riding tips are designed to make you feel more comfortable with another rider on your vehicle.

  • Be Aware Of Your State’s Laws
Whether riding with a passenger or not, one should always be well aware of their state’s individual laws regarding motorcycle ridership. Always ride in accordance with your individual state’s laws being observed. Be aware that some states require a passenger be of a certain age before riding a motorcycle, while others leave that judgment up to the parent or legal guardian of a child.
  • Be Aware of Helmet Laws and other Equipment Requirements
Generally, a passenger is required to wear a helmet in places where the driver is required to wear a helmet. The passenger is likely to need footrests and a seat on the motorcycle to be legally able to ride. Check into equipment requirements before allowing a passenger to ride on your vehicle.
Five Tips for Riding a Motorcycle with a Passenger
  • Practice in a Safe and Private Environment
Carrying a passenger completely changes the way that a bike will start, stop, turn and handle. If you’ve never taken a passenger, it’s a good idea to practice with one for a time before taking them out on roadways.  When turning corners, your bike may turn wider or narrower than you’re used to, and adding extra weight to the back of a bike will especially change braking times.
  • Consider the Experience of Your Passenger
If your passenger has never been on a motorcycle as a passenger, you may need to give them a few pointers on responsible ridership. Adjust your riding style to accommodate the skills of your passenger by giving them plenty of time and warning when they need it. Start and stop gently to aid them in getting used to passenger riding, and never show off when you’ve got a passenger.
  •  Proper Insurance Coverage
Always be sure to inspect your insurance coverage for information about motorcycles carrying passengers and what to expect. A rider should always consider his or her coverage before getting into a position of being underinsured for certain circumstances. Be proactive in your motorcycle riding by knowing your policy plan.
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