Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review on Binatone Latest gadgets

Binatone, a 50 year old company known for its easy to use and affordable gadgets has recently come up with a number of new additions to its products in the market. Traditionally, the company manufactured cordless and corded devices, but recently they have experimented with tablet devices and cordless phones with different specifications. One of the products is HomeSurf 8, an Android based device featuring an 8" rotating LCD TFT touch screen and WiFi which makes surfing the web not only convenient for you but also for your wallet, as tablet devices featuring seamless internet can be a little hard to come within every person's budget.
It is a compact device which can be easily tucked away in ones bag and taken anywhere with a WiFi connection. It comes with a 2GB internal memory and micro SD card slot, so memory is not an issue.
Binatone can also be credited with getting Android into people’s home by introducing iHomePhone 2, a sequel to Binatone’s iHomePhone. A cordless handset which makes use of an existing wired broadband connection to surf web, check mails, audio and video playback. It features 2.8” TFT touch screen display with WIFI which enables wireless internet access within one’s home. You can also find answering machine along with a contact manager that can store 300 contacts. Other features include a micro SD card slot and 60 hours standby time. What it means is that it is an affordable tablet device featuring all the basic features like audio and video playback, as well as email and web browsing in just 100 pounds.

Binatone’s Readme Mobile
The next device is labeled as an eBook reader named Binatone’s Readme Mobile. Although using an Android operating system, it does not feature touch screen but a 7” 800 x 480 pixel display and a QWERTY keyboard below the screen. A directional pad on the right side enables navigating through books and menus. It also features WIFI connectivity enabling email, web browsing and media playback. Having a Google Android OS should enable it to handle its apps as well, but only those apps that do not ask for touch input and look decent on 800 x 480 screen resolution. Another issue with the Readme Mobile is it’s rather less than expected 6 hours reading time. A rival product Amazon Kindle with WIFI, priced around $140, not only gives an incredible battery life of 1 month with wireless off assuming one hour daily reading and 10 days with wireless on. While the Binatone’s Readme Mobile costs around $130.
Binatone Readme Mobile
If you are low on budget and you are looking for cool gadgets that do not make a hole in your wallet, then Binatone offers a wide array of cool gadgets you can get your hands on. Binatone’s HomeSurf 8is a cool gadget to have at one’s home at an affordable price, as compared to other tablet devices with similar features.

Author: Nitin Aggarwal is a Technology Geek, Web Entrepreneur and a SEO Enthusiast from Dehradun (India). He is the owner and founder of Offshore Ally - a Virtual Assistant and VA for real estate company.

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