Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Facebook Subscribe Button
Facebook is making yet another attempt to remain as the kingpin of social media by jumping on the following band wagon. Not only has Google used this feature but now Facebook has started using the follow feature in an attempt to keep up with Google +.

Subscribe practically the same as Twitter with a very similar functionality; this is something famous Facebook users have been requesting for some time, as there is a maximum of 5000 friends. However, Facebook pages have an unlimited amount of friends (likes) which in essence are followers, but this idea has been shifted from pages to profiles.

The release of this feature should be of no surprise to anyone, it has not been Facebooks’ first attempt to combat Google +. The video chat feature was a retaliation to Hangouts, and the privacy settings update was, with no doubt a way to, one up Google.

With the release of the subscribe button, Facebook users can now adjust their news feed, they can filter a Facebook Users’ posts to their importance or even completely block them. This will make the timeline of Facebook much more compact and useful to those who use it.

What Does This Mean For Businesses
This could either make or break business pages, the importance of providing important, relevant and useful information is rising, and unless you are helping your fans, then your fan base will turn out to be useless as none of them are interested in what you are saying.

Before the feature was released, it was hard to manage your news feed and as a result of that it was hard to control statuses, not only for fans, but also for pages. As the struggle to rank high in Facebooks’ news feed was extremely difficult and relied heavily on fans, whereas now, fans have an even bigger control and pages must be aware of it.

Useful content is something pages has, and if they have not they should have, strived for, but now it seems to be a necessity and unless your actually making the most of all of your fans, then you could easily lose them and the number displayed at the bottom of your page could turn out to be useless.

All of these features are very new and as a result of that the theories will also be very primitive, however what is strongly suggested is to engage your audience and become a genuine source of not only useful tips and tricks, if that is relevant, but also someone they can interact with. The only difference now is we as business pages, have a consequence to face if we don’t do things the right way.

Author: Lewis Austin is the Social Media Marketing Manager for SEO Positive, follow his blog or his Twitter.

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