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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Mums in 2011

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Mums in 2011
It’s approaching that time of year that every son with good intentions but hopelessly bad judgement dreads – Christmas. It’s cool to be kind to your Mother and repay her for the years of hard work she spent raising you, and you want to prove to her that she has not only raised a clever young gentleman, but a thoughtful one. Providing a good gift to your Mother will resound amongst your family circle as they all start seeing you as the gleaming beacon of hope, united in accepting that you will be the person to showcase the family surname throughout the world. Then your dreams of being enlisted in gift giving folklore are shattered as you sense that the very person that bought you into this world is not overwhelmed with the George Michael CD that you have so carefully considered. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the gifts that will undoubtedly avoid such disappointment:
Amazon Kindle 3
1: Amazon Kindle
Does your Mum love reading books? Is she complaining that her house is always cluttered? Brilliant, you need to get her a Kindle. Amazon’s E-reading revolution has seen people of all ages start to see that reading books is a fashionable pastime once again. Thousands of books can be stored on them, they are light and practical and very easy to use. A great way of introducing your Mum to modern technology in a way that’s useful to her.

Spa day
2: Spa Day
Mums are always going out of their way for other people. Even on Christmas day you’ll notice it’s likely to be your Mum rushing around and organising presents and the Christmas dinner simultaneously. Give her the opportunity of having some time alone to be pampered at a luxury spa by buying her a spa gift voucher. That way she can choose what treatments she would like and she’ll get that well earned break she deserves. You can find a little more information about spa treatments here.

Magazines Subscriptions
3: Magazine Subscription
Buying your Mother a magazine subscription will show that you have carefully observed what she likes to do as a hobby and will hopefully encourage her to carry on doing what she enjoys! By having her favourite magazine delivered to her door every month, you’ll also give her one less thing to put down on that seemingly endless shopping list.

Apple Touch Screen Netbook
4: Netbook
If you’re Mum is a bit of a technophobe and you want to slowly introduce her to the magic of the Internet, netbooks can be the perfect icebreaker. Naturally their smaller size makes them feel less intimidating and if you just focus on showing her the basics of browsing the internet, she may just find this is the technological companion she is comfortable with. Plus, with netbooks becoming more popular you may just find a bargain this Christmas.

Perfume for women
5: Perfume
Perfume has always been an acceptable and reliable gift for Mums on any occasions. However you should only buy your Mum a perfume if you’re certain of the perfume that she likes. Otherwise this is a risky gift choice. A perfume will allow your Mum a touch of luxury wherever she goes and better yet, she’ll be reminded of her favourite son wherever she goes. Genius!

Author: Scott Cole is a writer who’s only Christmas wish this year is to not disappoint with his own Christmas Gifts for 2011.

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