Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Selena Gomez's New Music Video for charity

Disney darlings past and present are in the giving essence this week! On Wednesday, a cheerful Miley Cyrus headed to a Los Angeles-area homeless protect to pledge 10 sacks of apparel to those in need. Now performer Selena Gomez is furthermore managing her part for benevolent humanity, having pledged the ethereal Catherine Dean gown she was dressed in her melodies video "A Year without the Rain" for auction.

Gomez told PeopleStyleWatch of the dress, "It was conspicuously a very significant part of the video—we liked it to be very attractive and very flowy and I got so numerous large remarks on it so I considered it would be awesome to give it to charity."

The gown is accessible now through November 10 on Charity buzz. Proceeds will help UNICEF in its objective to assist deprived young children worldwide.


  1. Hey,at least somebody is doing something,no matter how little they give away,its the gesture that matters.
    Good for her

  2. I agree, I think it's great that people in the public eye make these gestures as it can surely only snowball

  3. She is really a great singer at such a young age. I admire her step towards the charity.