Monday, October 18, 2010

View Private Videos on YouTube in Your region

The world’s most famous video hosting site YouTube provides the publisher while uploading a video, with an option of limiting the video to users from specific countries. Meaning, you might be staying in India or US but may not be able to view every video on YouTube, that’s because the publisher of the video has allowed access only to specific geographic regions.

For instance companies like Warner Music Group’s videos are not available to users from United States. The general message that YouTube displays when a user tries to view content from outside the allowed countries list: This video is not available in your country.

The blocked videos has nothing to do with censorship in the countries like China and Pakistan where ISPs block access to some site following Government orders.
A touch to basics: YouTube examines the IP address of the user, find out the country the user is living in and matches it with the allowed countries list. If the country of user is in the list then the user can view the content else an error message stating that the video is not available in user’s country is displayed.

There are many solutions to overcome this restriction. Most of the solutions have worked in the past but works no more. The best solution that still works is: Using VPN.

Using VPN:
A VPN is virtual private network which provides secure data connection between computer systems. All the web services and websites use IP of VPN to route traffic to user PC. If the IP of the VPN is located in country that is in white list then the video can be viewed.

VPN offers access to different servers. VyprVPN is a VPN service that offers servers in the US and other countries to the Giganews Diamond account holders. Hotspot Shield and Project Loki are two free VPN services. You need to find VPN with servers in a country that is on YouTube video’s whites list.

If you are viewing Warner Music Group video from US, you may get following error message.

If you are connected to UK VPN you can watch the video without restrictions. Virtual private network are great to watch, but the free VPN services are usually slow.

View Blocked Videos:
When uploading a video on YouTube, the user is provided with an option of making the video ‘private’, which means only selected users can access the video.
There are many tricks available for this, but most of them don’t work anymore. The best solution to this is to use the tools available on internet, where you need to enter the private YouTube video link and download it. Most of the tools provide downloads in .flv format, which requires the user to have Flash Player.


  1. I wonder if this thing with virtual private network works on some other web sites that publish videos except youtube. Anyway thank you for good advice.

  2. that is good to know ...

    I was wondering about the exact same thing last week

    nice post mate =)

  3. I thinks it's good to have a choice in watching this content. In this way it's safe for all audience's.
    Great post sir.

  4. Thank you very much for your informative article.
    I have not tried any of the two tips you mentioned yet, I am surely going to test it sooner than later.
    For the blocked videos, do you mean that Youtube Downloader softwares can download those blocked video content? Well, I will try that.
    Once again thanks for your tips.

  5. Now that's something which I have been looking out for quite a while. Sometimes I miss a very good video when youtube doesn't allow me to watch that in my region. Thanks for sharing the method.