Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Get Hits from Your Banner?

Banner ads are becoming quite popular now-a-days and organizations are investing a lot in these ad campaigns. But people are now wiser; they can now differentiate between a spam banner and a quality banner. The old methods won’t work anymore like “Click Here to earn $1000” or “Signup now and get a free ticket to LA”. You now have to come up with innovative concepts. Today I am going to tell you about how to keep your banner from failing in attracting the target visitors. First of all review the price plans and consider the banner advertising rates thoroughly before choosing a plan. Go for a package which you can easily afford.

You also have to select a visible place for your banner. Do go after the banner size, if a website is offering you a small banner in a visible area than go for it. It’s not the size but it’s the design of the banner which is going to get you visitors. Do not design flashy and shiny banners, people don’t like shiny things. Try to create a descent banner with an attractive image and 5-6 words of text. Don’t tell all about yourself in the banner because if you do so than they will find out what you are selling them and if they don’t need the selling item than they won’t even click on your banner.

Banner advertising rates are becoming quite reasonable now-a-days and you can easily get your banner placed on 5-10 websites in just a few hundred dollars for a month. After a month check the stats that which banner is giving you high traffic, select the best ones and remove your banners from the rest of the websites. I hope this article helps; I’ll be back with more soon.

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