Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Find Local Stores in Inglewood, California?

United States is one of the most populated and largest countries with more than 50 states and hundreds of towns and cities in every state. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for us to find a specific spot in a state. After the implementation of zip codes in United States … finding addresses have become quite easy. Every region was assigned a 5 digit zip code which demonstrates all the area of that specific region. But still for a regular citizen there were problems like some people remember the zip codes by they forgot the region name to which that specific zip code was assigned, on the other hand there were people who knew the city names and states but didn’t remember the zip codes. This issue was taken in notice but many but implemented and resolved by only a few of them.
zip codes by city

I am talking about ZipCodeeDo which is a generic local network for the citizens of United States providing them all the information about each and every state. It let you find zip codes by city and cities, towns and states by entering zip codes. For example I am in California and I am on my way to Inglewood. I don’t have enough time and I need some stuff from a general store but I don’t know the location of the store. I just have the zip code of the city which is 90302.
zip codes by city
So what I did was that I opened the ZipCodeeDo website on my smart phone and on the top right bar there is a widget called zip code finder. I simply entered 90302 in the search box and hit enter. I landed on a page with the city name mentioned. I clicked on it and there was another page with all the information about Inglewood.
zip codes by city

·         Services
·         Useful Links
·         Groceries and shops
·         Store locator
·         Real estate etc
I click on the store locator and that’s it. I found a huge number of the local stores, fast foods and other shops. It wasn’t much difficult. All you need is a smart phone or a notebook with an internet connection.

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