Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cool, Unique Smartphone Cases

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Smartphone cases run from dull, monotone but highly functional cases to bright, colorful and highly functional cases. But even those are becoming rather run-of-the-mill and boring. What's a techno-geek who has all that already to do to stay ahead of the smartphone Joneses? When you have a jones for a new case that's definitely not “business as usual,” think “flair,” “eye-catching,” and “above the crowd with these rather unique smartphone cases.

For the forgetful techno-geek on the move, try an armband instead of a standard case for your smartphone. Models are available for the iPhone as well as for HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung models.
smartphone cases - mobile cases skins - armbands

Strap your phone to your arm, and the entire viewscreen is available for touch navigation. You'd have to remove the phone or gently ease it up to operate the camera, which would require two-handed operation, but don't worry. If you tend to forget that, too, it'll be pretty apparent pretty quickly.

You also remove the phone to actually talk or for quick typing, but you might like pretending you're a Secret Service agent or James Bond when you talk into your wrist. (Hey, it's cool. We techno-geeks really do understand!)

This unique smartphone case wraps around your smartphone with a cover that looks like a bible. Open it up to find both the phone and your driver's license, credit cards or business cards: The left inner flap provides those handy slots just like a wallet.
smartphone cases - mobile cases skins - bookbook

The cover is embossed with “Book Book” on the spine which can be both good or sad. The different tag allows easy identification, but wouldn't it be cool if they printed instead “The Good BookBook” or something like it. What about a  “Phone BookBook” version? Change the cover texture and call it “The Cook BookBook.” Create a cammo cover and call it “Jungle BookBook.” How about a text-filled cover and call it the “Instructions BookBook?” A mapped cover called the “Guide BookBook?” A numbers cover called “BookieBook?” Or an education version called the “Text BookBook?” Hush. It could happen.

(Sorry, BookBook, et al. Cover ideas and names rights are retained by the original author. Used in this single blog with expressed permission. If disseminated, this complete disclaimer must be included in its entirety.)

The Courage Case
While this case doesn't sport a cute or innovative idea, it does provide a smartphone case that is both eco-friendly and benefits both the user and the victims of the Tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011.
smartphone cases - mobile cases skins - the courage case

This unique case is made of bamboo, a renewable resource, and the very attractive case design offers comfort and support with the scripted Japanese characters meaning “Courage.”

The case is considered a luxury case by its designers, Primary Case Company, and its price is higher than most, but what better way to support those people and the country both immediately and for the long-term when you purchase this case and reminding yourself of the hard road ahead for them. Send your good thoughts with the Courage case every time you use your smartphone.

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