Monday, September 26, 2011

Reach More Than 750 Million Target Based People with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Facebook claims that there ads are more accurate, target specific and they can reach the customers you are looking for. The best thing about Facebook ads is that we can target people by age, location, ethnicity, interests etc. while in Google we don’t know about the people we are targeting. They may be a 6 years old kid. In Facebook, we have to use a banner ad which will be composed of text and image (thumbnail). The banner advertising rates for these ads campaigns are quite reasonable and the best thing is that we can promote a website, a blog or a Facebook fan page. Promoting a Facebook fan page will increase the number of likes which will definitely increase the traffic.
Facebook offers two campaigns CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression). So you only have to pay if someone clicks your ad or see your ad. The rates of CPM are lower as compared to the CPC. Well banner advertising rates of Google and other networks have the same rule, higher rate for clicks and lower for impressions.

Facebook Ads
As we know that Facebook is a very reliable social network and people consider it as an important part of their lives so advertisers will connect with real people. Setting-up an Ad in Facebook is as simple as signing up for an account. If we take example of Google Ads, we have to take tutorials in order to understand how to create ads on Google and believe me creating ads on Google is a tough job.  Some people hire professionals for this job, while in Facebook, it has been made so easy that even a beginner can create an Ad within 5 minutes.

Facebook Ads marketing is very cost-effective and affordable as compared to other banner advertising campaigns. It let you target your customers by zip codes which make your sale more specific. For example for a local advertiser in USA, it’s quite helpful He can target local customers around by entering their zip codes.
To start promoting your website, visit and click Create an Ad.

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