Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remote Controlled Helicopter Environments

Remote Controlled Helicopters
Have you ever noticed that some areas are better for R/C helicopter flying than others? The right environment can make or break a good flying session, and for beginners, knowing where to fly is going to be one of the more important lessons learned. Here are some tips for beginners when it comes to flying remote controlled helicopters in a good environment.

This should be common sense, but it's still worth telling newbies to the hobby. Please don't fly your remote control helicopter in inclement weather. Depending on how bad it can get, you can ruin your copter.
If you are shooting a video of your flying skills, or if you want to show off your remote controlled helicopter in a video, make sure that you don't pick a background that makes your copter hard to see. There are many, many videos on YouTube that have video-graphers who have made that mistake.

People who are very new to flying remote controlled helicopters should not try to fly them near forests. Climbing up a tree in order to retrieve your copter is never fun, and there is not guarantee that your RC helicopter will actually work if it gets too tangled in branches.

Trying new tricks? Before you decide to show off those helicopter skills, make sure that you don't try them in areas which have concrete. There have been some cases where otherwise skilled RC helicopter fiends have crashed their copters into the asphalt while trying a new trick. The end result is a broken propeller, or worse.
People who are new to the RC helicopter hobby should ask veterans where they go to fly their copters. They usually can tell you what areas are best.
Remote Controlled Helicopter

Although the chances of actually running into trouble are extremely rare, it is worth asking officials if there are any rules against flying RC helicopters where you want to do it. As fun as flying that new chopper can be, it's not worth getting fined for. On a similar note, do not attempt to trespass onto private property to fly that RC helicopter. This can actually get you arrested.

The best place to go to fly a new helicopter is an area with wide open spaces, few trees, and a lot of grass. Nine times out of ten, this will be a local park. Remember, safety first, and that also goes for your helicopter as well. If an area isn't safe for you or your RC copter, you don't want to fly there.

The article was written for Cobra Toys , manufacturers of a large variety of RC Helicopters

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