Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Recycle Old Mobile Phones for cash in UK?

recycle old mobile cell phones
I hate clutter, especially in the way of old and discarded electronics.  With people trading in their mobile phones for the latest technology, often times a phone is still in perfect working order when it’s discarded for the newest model.  I’ve been looking for a good way to eliminate this type of clutter from my home while earning a few extra dollars in the process.  Here is what I found.

Though eBay may be the ideal place to sell many second hand items, it is not the place to sell your old electronics.  In my area, there are very, very few independent cell phone shops, everything is tied to a carrier, which has zero interest in your old phones.  They want to sell you new technology, not help you find a new use for your old mobile phone.  Finally, I stumbled upon a gem of a place online.

They offer the highest price for old as well as new mobile phones offering fast service.  You can sell your old phones easily online, they even pay the shipping.  After seeing a few similar sites, the best prices offered when I listed 3 different mobile phone models were at Pound 4 Phone.  I like how easy it is to evaluate your old cell phone and get an offer for it.

You can sell your phone even if it is no longer working properly – you can phones as either new, used, or faulty – you may not make much off a faulty phone, but considering most of us pay little or nothing for the phones we use, this is a great way to net a little extra cash, keep your old phones out of the landfill, and know that you are doing your part to help the environment while giving yourself a some much need cash.

recycle old mobile cell phones
With more than 800 phone models listed on their buy-back program, you are sure to find an old phone or two in your household that you can resell to them.  What is unique about mobile phone recycling sites is that they offer you cash for your phone – not a gift voucher or a credit towards another purchase from them.  Many sites are not upfront about how you receive payment, but the people behind Pound 4 Phone are dedicated to making this process easy and hassle-free for you.

I like to think that one of my old mobile phones may be helping someone in a developing country, maybe going to an aid worker, helping people that need to stay in touch have an affordable way to do so, and helping build the infrastructure in nations desperately in need of help.  Helping the planet by keeping something out of the landfill, helping a person who otherwise couldn’t stay in touch, and helping me eliminate items I no longer need from my household – it’s a winning way to earn some extra cash

Article written by Frank Kamaloff @ Pound4Phone

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