Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why the IT Guy in Your Office Holds the Power

IT Technician
It takes many different people in different positions to make a business successful. Everybody from the secretary to the CEO has their job to do to make things run smoothly and efficiently. But do certain people within an organization have more pull than others? In an ideal world the answer would be no. Everyone would be equal and have equal amounts of power. But we don't live in an ideal world. And there are certain positions that have more power than others. And while it might be natural to assume that the CEO or upper management hold all the power, this isn’t the case. The one in your company who has the most power? You're IT guy. This is particularly true if yours is an online business.

Think about it for a moment: without your IT guy (or gal) where would your company be? Would it even exist? Sure, pretty much anyone can set up a website these days, but what about running it? Or making it as appealing as possible and easy to navigate for your customers? And even if you could, in fact, do these things, are you equipped to handle issues with servers and bandwidth if they occur?  These are just a few of the reasons why your IT person is so important to your business. Here are a few more reasons you'll want to stay on your IT person's good side.

Email issues
Ever go to send an email only to have it returned undelivered? Or maybe you notice that you aren't receiving any emails? When you have issues with your email, your IT person is the one that figures out what's going on and gets things up and running again.

IT training
Is your company switching over to a new website or new software? Odds are it's the IT guy that will not only be making sure that everything runs smoothly, but also that the staff knows how to use the new software. And as you and your coworkers learn your way around the new website or software, any questions or issues you have will most likely be handle by IT.

Customer service
If your customers' order your product and/or services online, and your website's shopping cart isn't working, or your Paypal account won't accept payments, who do you turn to? Your IT department. They help sort out any customer service issues that stem from either an issue on your company's end or the customer's end.

Developing software and databases
As your company expands and grow, there will most likely be a need for customized programs and databases. These can be for potential customers or strictly in house use. And it's your IT person who handles this, from brainstorming ideas, creating the program or database and testing it.

Anything else computer related
You can't log into the system. Your company needs to add another server. All of a sudden the website can't be viewed in Internet Explorer. Your IT guy really is your saviour when it comes to anything to do with your computer and the company's website and internal network.

It's clear to see why your IT guy is the one with the power. Without them helping with issues and trouble shooting, your whole business could be brought to a standstill and money could be lost. But just because your IT guy has so much power doesn't mean that they'll be controlling. What does it mean? Well, you should be nice to your IT person, treating them with the respect that they deserve. Acting like your IT guy is your own personal slave will most likely guarantee that your computer issues aren't handled ASAP.

How's your relationship with your company's IT guy? 

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