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Middle Eastern Designer Dresses

Middle Eastern Dress
For much of modern fashion’s history, couture has largely reflected Western tastes and culture. Culturally, western trends were imported and assimilated by countries all over the world. But rarely did the West import other cultures’ designer clothes—the closest they came was the incorporation of alternative cultural elements into Western designs.

That trend has started to change, and dresses designed and inspired by Middle Eastern cultures are not only being preferred by Middle Eastern customers, but are in demand by women across the globe. At least a few regional companies are poised to take advantage of this globalization of fashion. Launched in 2011, was designed to appeal to an audience not currently catered to on the web. The company says all of its designer dresses are made on order and can be altered per a customer’s request. “All items are quality checked for fabric, embroidery, and measurements.” Their staff has over 20 years of embroidery and stitching experience from selling their designs throughout the Middle East including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Middle Eastern Designer Dress
Many Westerners may not realize that shopping, especially at designer boutiques, is extremely popular throughout the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, it’s considered a national pastime in urban areas, where there are many Western-style malls available. Likewise, shopping is a full time pursuit for many Kuwaitis and the city is home to many malls, such as the exclusive Salhiya Mall, the Souk Sharq Mall in downtown, or the Villa Moda which is full of designer stores.

Westerners can enjoy the flair of Middle Eastern styles via online shops that sell Middle Eastern designers, or they can find elements of this style offered in lines from European and American designers. Hallmarks of the Middle Eastern style include both delicate and bold embroidery, ¾-length sleeves with bell flares, embellished necklines, and capacious dress styles that offer modest coverage with exceptional drape and flow. A touch of the exotic can go a long way in reinvigorating a tired wardrobe, adding a sense of cosmopolitan style that can set a woman apart from the crowd.

Middle Eastern Designer Dress
There has also been an increase in retailer’s who are making their own line of Middle Eastern garments that are for Muslim women. This line of clothing has become very popular with young women and is even considered to be more acceptable by mainstream society. Conduct a simple search for modern Middle Eastern clothing to view a few of the most popular retailers.

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