Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Increase Your Traffic and Sales by Running a Banner Ads Campaign

Increase Sales with Banner Advertising
I know most of you have heard about banner advertising but you might not be aware that there are various types of banner advertisements. Online advertisement, blogs ads, web banners, flash banners etc. The purpose is the same to generate traffic and sales. It’s like I am selling an expensive medical product but customers are not coming to my website, they are going to a general store so what I will do is that I will place my product in their general store because they have got a lot of customers and when they sell that product, I will give them a 20-30% commission. Today on internet, the same game is going. There are popular websites with millions of traffic and there are also other websites who have got some excellent products but they don’t have enough visitors, so what they do is that they place their banner on the popular website. It’s also known as affiliate marketing. The banner advertising rates are defined accordingly and they are available on monthly basis.

There are several types of banner ads available like pay per click, pay per impression or pay per sale. Well in my opinion the best one is to select pay per impression because it’s the cheapest and all it needs is a creative and attractive banner design. An impression is when someone visits a website and sees your banner. So if you design your banner attractively than he will definitely click on it and visit your website. Our of all the banner advertising rates available, pay per impression is the cheapest.

Another advantage of displaying banner ads is that you can get targeted traffic. For example let’s suppose you are using Facebook banner ads campaign than you can easily select target audience by entering zip codes for specific region. You can also select audience by age, sex, country, interests, hobbies etc. So your ad will appear only in front of those who are interested in your product. There are countless advantages of banners ads and generating traffic is the most important goal to achieve via ads campaign.

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