Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Best Alternatives to Warcraft Ever and Why

There are a number of videogames that are considered to be addictive. Warcraft has been declared as the most popular game by several researches that were carried out regarding the best video game of the time. This game has a number of features that make it the ideal video game. However, recent violent change in the attitude of the young generation has been felt by the psychiatrists and they are of the view that children should be stopped from playing such games and same is the case for the elders. This is due to the fact that such games impart a violent behavior in the human nature that can raise the violence in the society in the upcoming years.

Objection regarding Warcraft
Legal objections have been raised by the lawyers against Warcraft. The main objection is about the idea of the game that includes making the policy to beat the other person by killing his men. This is not good attitude and will surely cause much danger to the overall behavior of the society in longer perspective. Thus, most of the parents have started to look for the alternative for this game so that their children can get rid of the addictive game known as Warcraft.
There are three best alternatives for this game. These alternatives are as follows:
  1. Perfect World
  2. Last Chaos
  3. Runes of Magic
There are many other games that can be considered as an alternative for Warcraft but the above stated have been chosen because of similarity they have with the game. The best thing about these games is that the player feels totally involved in the game and learns policy making techniques without any formal education. Such games are really the need of time because they improve the IQ of the player without imparting any violence in the mind of the player.

Perfect World
Perfect World Game
Perfect World is suggested to the addicts of Warcraft because this game is close in the idea of Warcraft. However, it is all about fighting against the bad ones. Graphics of the game are really great and easily attracts the attention of the player. The game demands the person to think about the strategies and thus polishes the mental abilities of the player. People having interest in flying will find this game the most interesting fixture because major part of the game is related to flying.

Last Chaos
Last Chaos
Epic battles are there in the Last Chaos. Strategies need to be made in the game. However, the game cannot beat Warcraft in graphics. However, the idea of the game is great as compared to the Warcraft and thus it is considered much better to play Last Chaos as compared to Warcraft. The game is also addicted because of simplicity of the idea. Still the controls of the game are not such easy and you have to get used to of the controls if you want to play the game at its best.

Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic is great but is ranked number three because it has idea similar to that of Warcraft. But still it involves the player and can offer brain storming that is the major purpose of playing such games. This game is published by Frogster Interactive and the most dominating and unique feature that makes it better than Warcraft is its Playerbase. It’s playerbase is high, perfect and far better than Warcraft. It has high quality graphics and other features which makes it better than Warcraft again and that’s why it is a more tempting choice for its players.

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